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10th April 2014

Recreating the style of Victorian Kitchens

No longer do Victorian kitchens manufactured and installed today comprise purely a sink, cooker, draining board and cup-boards; they are a multi-functional focus of activity in the home.
21st August 2013

The Origins of Luxury Kitchens

We often hear about Georgian style kitchens and Regency style kitchens but I must first and foremost dispel the myths.
11th June 2012

Why Your Dream Kitchen Is More Important Than Your Car

Let’s be honest. The kitchen is the heart of the home. You bring up families there. You eat there. You entertain there. You party there. So when it comes to choosing a kitchen, how much time, effort – and money, should you be investing?
18th April 2012

How Much Would a New Kitchen Add to the Value of a House?

This can be analysed very objectively or very subjectively depending on who is giving their opinion. The figures range generally from as little as 4% -12%
24th January 2012

Bespoke Kitchens vs Made to Measure Kitchens

We all know fitted kitchens come in all sorts of different styles, qualities and prices. There are almost unlimited colours, textures and materials to choose from.
19th December 2011
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Your Healthier Lifestyle Kitchen

When you cook in your family home, typically you don’t use artificial colours, preservatives or ‘E’ numbers. Instead, fresh ingredients are used and that has to […]