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28th June 2017

How to Choose a Colour Scheme with Colour Wheels and RAL Charts

All too often, we in Britain want everything to match when choosing our beautiful kitchen. So we choose worktops that match with the chosen door finish. We then pick out our floor and wall coverings to complement our kitchen choice. We then shop around for matching curtains and blinds. When all said and done we end up with our perfect kitchen? well... um... sort of...
24th April 2014

Resurgence in Painted Kitchens

It is fair to say that most styles, whether they be in clothing or colours, tend to reappear every 30 years so it is no surprise to discover the same resurgence in classic hand painted kitchens. Each re-appearance of a colour palette usually heralds a modern twist in thinking so the muted pastel colours and hues of the earth, air and sky first seen in Edwardian painted kitchens of 1910 were brighter when they resurfaced in the 1940s, yellower in the 1970s and more true to their original Edwardian shades now.