Are Shaker Kitchens Still Trendy?
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30th July 2021
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Are Shaker Kitchens Still Trendy?

Are Shaker Kitchens Still Trendy

At Broadway kitchens this question gets asked all the time, the simple answer is ALWAYS.

A shaker kitchen is one of the oldest known kitchen designs, dating back to the mid 1700’s its sturdy, minimalistic cabinetry has stood the test of time and remains a firm favourite to this day.

Shaker Quakers believed that living a good honest, simple life was paramount and this is reflected in the love, patience and top-quality craftsmanship that went into building shaker kitchens hundreds of years ago.

Here at Broadway, we endeavour to stand by those morals and believe that at the heart of every home is a hard-working, functional yet beautifully custom-designed kitchen. Our craftsman have emulated this much-loved simplistic design and installed them into homes across the country since 1974.

The shaker is purposefully understated, but do not be fooled into thinking its boring or old fashioned. Broadway Kitchen designers can cater for any colour palette be it bright and bold, muted and understated or the traditional natural oiled wood.

A traditional Shaker door consists of a five-panel design, but it is all down to personal preference. Designs can be enhanced with beading or cornice; we strive to manufacture the perfect kitchen with unique quirky features. Using top quality materials is of the upmost importance to us and ensures our kitchens can be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

As a family run business of three generations, we believe that every home deserves a lovingly crafted kitchen – we would never put in your home something we wouldn’t be proud enough to call a ‘Luxury World Class Broadway Kitchen’.