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2nd August 2021
Are Shaker Kitchens Still Trendy

Are Shaker Kitchens Still Trendy?

A shaker kitchen is one of the oldest known kitchen designs, dating back to the mid 1700’s its sturdy, minimalistic cabinetry has stood the test of time and remains a firm favourite to this day.
8th June 2021
Colour Trends for Bespoke Kitchens in 2021

Bespoke Kitchen Colour Trends for 2021

Which colour trends are big in bespoke kitchens in 2021? From warm whites to garden green, take a look at the popular colours of the moment. Learn more.
8th June 2021
A Unique Kitchen Island in the West Midlands

A Unique Kitchen Island in the West Midlands (Case study)

One of the many unique selling points of a bespoke designer kitchen is the opportunity to have your kitchen, your way. James and Janet Johnson found this out for themselves when they first became Broadway Kitchen customers back in 2013 and were so impressed that they were inspired to come back to Broadway when it came to re-invigorating their kitchen.
4th February 2019
The History of the Traditional Kitchen

The History of the Traditional Kitchen

By dictionary definition the word ‘traditional’ means ‘long-established’ - a term not only applicable to Broadway Kitchens as a company but also to the traditional values and craftsmanship that it uses to create bespoke kitchens for customers. Of course what each person considers a 'traditional kitchen design' will depend on their age, background or lifestyle. It can mean anything from natural wood, painted wood, a Shaker kitchen or Edwardian elegance to an opulent and ostentatious Victorian kitchen.
30th July 2018

The History of the Shaker Kitchen

When contemplating a bespoke Shaker Kitchen it’s worthwhile first looking into the origins of the term ‘Shaker’. England in the mid 17th century and a religious sect, the ‘Quakers’ formed. Due to their animated and ecstatic style of worship, ‘trembling and quaking at the word of the Lord’, they became known as ‘Shakers’.
17th July 2018

What is a ‘Traditional Kitchen’ and how can you achieve the look?

The term ‘traditional kitchen’ most likely evokes different images for different people, according to what type of kitchen they are used to living with.