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2nd March 2016

New Brentwood Kitchen Showroom

Opening in January 2017 is our brand new Essex based luxury kitchen showroom. Based on Brentwood High Street, our new 11,000 square foot Broadway Brentwood Kitchen Showroom is ideally situated to provide a luxury, custom made kitchen service for all surrounding areas to include Mill Hill, Loughton, Chigwell, Ingatestone, Epping and Romford.
9th February 2016

How Broadway Kitchens Compare to Other Luxury Kitchen Brands

Often we are asked how our fitted kitchens compare with other well known kitchen brands or bespoke kitchen designers and manufacturers. What they usually mean is with regard to quality, range, price, customer service, etc.
16th February 2014

How To Avoid Your Dream Kitchen Becoming a Nightmare Reality!

We have all heard stories from family or friends where fitted kitchens have not turned out to be in line with a customer's expectations.
28th February 2013

Success on Broadway

Market demand for modern, shaker-style, traditional and country-style kitchens has not diminished. Astute buyers realise that quality matters with a fitted kitchen and so the demand […]
2nd January 2013

The “best luxury bespoke kitchen company” and other claims!

When every kitchen company claims to be the "best" provider of “luxury”, “high-end”, “bespoke” kitchens which do you choose, especially when there are hundreds to choose from and every one claims their own company should be the "company of choice"?
26th March 2012

How to Avoid Your New Kitchen Soon Becoming Out-dated

We have all looked at a kitchen (maybe even our own), and thought about how dated it looks. Many people go searching for new kitchens, not because there is anything wrong with their existing kitchen but just because it looks dated.