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Our advice, tips, guides and news all about kitchens and other room set furniture. Kitchen buying guides, styling, colour and kitchen periods. We have written these important kitchen articles for the benefit of potential customers. They are hopefully not biased towards Broadway but towards ‘best practice’ standards. We hope you find value in these articles on bespoke kitchens and end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

21st August 2013

The Origins of Luxury Kitchens

We often hear about Georgian style kitchens and Regency style kitchens but I must first and foremost dispel the myths.
24th July 2013

Traditional Kitchens – Victorian Kitchens or Edwardian Kitchens?

With both fitted and unfitted kitchens changing in function and style over the decades they no longer comprise purely a sink, cooker, draining board and a ‘cup-board’ they are a multi-functional focus for activity in the home. Consequently they tend to be much larger with space for fridges, freezers, lengthy worktops, modern appliances, islands and comfy sofas.
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