Broadway Kitchens – Serving the Midlands for 50 years
5th December 2022
Broadway Kitchens – Serving the Midlands for 50 years
5th December 2022
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Hot Kitchen Trends for 2024


New Year, new kitchen? With the New Year being a popular time for making home improvements, including getting a new kitchen implemented, we at Broadway Kitchens have rounded up some of the trends and styles we see being big in 2024.


We see the demand for green continuing on into 2024. Whether it’s a moody emerald or a calmer pastel hue, the beauty of green that it lends itself well to being paired with a mixture of materials including wood and metals. Part of the reason for the rising interest in green is the impact of biophilic design and the ability for it to connect us with nature and the outdoors. As we are a designer and a manufacturer, we are able to pair shades with materials easily and taking into consideration your desired aesthetic.

Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone is a classic design element dating back to the Roman Empire. In 2024, we see herringbone going through a huge revival. A herringbone floor can open up the space whilst retaining warmth and personality. When designing kitchens, we always find that the flooring can really elevate the project and bring the kitchen to life and always factor this into our designs.

Decorative Range Hoods

Until recently, range hoods served primarily a functional purpose. But as a designer, we are able to tap into our creativity and design a range of hood designs and make it a focal point, in line with current trends. Using a range of materials including wood, stainless steel, and mixed materials, a custom and stylish look can be achieved in any kitchen. Trying to match a specific colour story? Easy, with clever paintwork, we can transform any existing hood to suit.

Kitchen Bling

In the same way you would dress up an outfit with a sophisticated piece of jewellery, a kitchen can be enhanced by adding striking hardware to it. We predict gold will be the number one choice for kitchen hardware. Matte, satin, and brushed finishes will take preference over polished finishes as they hide smudges and fingerprints better. Gold will take precedence over silver and black, and we see this trend seeping to lighting fixtures too.

Coffee Stop!

Beverage stations are set to be huge in 2024. We are seeing that these are fast becoming one of the most desired pieces in a kitchen. What makes a beverage station? As well as the obligatory coffee machine, it could include water dispensers, undercounter refrigeration, and storage for glassware. But as a full-service kitchen designer and manufacturer, we have the capacity to create bespoke designs to house even your smoothie maker and party tipples of choice.

Want to be really ahead of the curve – think burgundy!

If you’re inspired by the current trend of bold greens and blues but want to delve deeper and really make a statement, think burgundy. Burgundy has the power to bring drama but can retain warmth. The pairing of warmer woods like reds and rich browns with neutral tones makes for an inviting atmosphere and we see these tones making a comeback.

Unsure where to start?

Deciding on a final kitchen style, is no easy task. With so many design elements to choose from, not to mention taking into consideration available space, functionality, and quality workmanship, it can be difficult to know where to start. Perhaps you’re not trend driven and would prefer to opt for something classic? This is where we can step in. Our design and manufacture are all in-house, which means we can really create bespoke creations and marry them with our fresh insights and years of expertise.

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