The Broadway ‘Fusion’ In-Frame Kitchen
Shaker Kitchen design
24th January 2018
What is a ‘Traditional Kitchen’ and how can you achieve the look?
17th July 2018
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The Broadway ‘Fusion’ In-Frame Kitchen

Some people may think that a ‘truly bespoke kitchen designer-manufacturer’ can only create traditional kitchens. This simply isn’t the case.

A “truly bespoke design and manufacturing” kitchen service should be able to cater for all tastes, as opposed to a service that only provides “customisation” of pre-existing furniture ranges such as alternative colours, worktops and handles.

A designer working within a bespoke manufacturer should be able to design traditional kitchens, ultra modern kitchens as well as kitchens that fuse traditional and contemporary styling. In fact, the only real limit should be the designers’ imagination!

For those of you with a passion for more contemporary design don’t be put off a “truly bespoke service” by the thought of highly experienced craftsmen using tried and tested cabinetry techniques. These virtues do not dictate the look of your design. It simply means that behind the beautiful facade of your luxury, tailor made kitchen, the cabinets and drawer boxes have been constructed the ‘proper’ way using natural timbers and extra strong carpentry joints. This is far preferable to mass produced construction techniques and the often flimsy, man-made materials associated with the standardised, ‘off the shelf’ kitchens.

A “traditionally-crafted” bespoke kitchen, regardless of being modern, traditional or a fusion design, becomes part of the interior fabric of the home, lasting for generations of use. The cabinets, doors and drawers are so beautifully made that in future you can easily re-paint another colour, change handles, worktops or accessories – to produce a totally different design approach to suit a new desire or a new owner.

It’s highly unlikely that mass produced, ‘off the shelf’ furniture of a similar age would be worth saving, let alone re-painting or changing parts.

The Broadway ‘Fusion’ Kitchen

The photo above shows a recent and fine example of a Broadway “Fusion” in-frame kitchen, which tastefully ‘fuses’ Edwardian traditional and contemporary shaker styling. You can see more of this particular in-frame kitchen on our KITCHEN CASE STUDIES page.

Gone is the elaborate, traditional cornice, carved corbels and heavily detailed door designs and finishes; all hallmarks of a typical “traditional kitchen”. Instead we have an altogether lighter, simplified approach complemented by streamlined, plain edged worktops and flat, pastel paint finishes and modern accessories and equipment.

It is important to note that we carefully designed this particular kitchen furniture to specifically and tastefully suit the architectural proportions of our client’s delightful kitchen space. A service you are unlikely to get from an off-the-shelf kitchen provider.