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Traditional British Craftsmanship Contemporary Design

For many of you with contemporary tastes in kitchen furniture, the heading above will sound somewhat of an oxymoron. However, ‘traditional British Craftsmanship’ is just another term for furniture that has been properly made. Allow us, at Broadway Kitchens to explain.

In general, people tend to think of heavy, ornate, period style kitchens when they hear the terms ‘traditional craftsmanship’ and ‘in-frame design;’ certainly, that’s one design style. The things is, with a bespoke design and manufacturing service, such as that offered by Broadway Kitchens, many design styles are possible to include contemporary.

Furthermore a bespoke design and manufacturing capability allows Broadway Kitchens to produce furniture tailored in proportion to suit the architectural proportions of your home. You also have the benefit of a design that has been produced to meet your own unique tastes and requirements.

Behind the sleek appearance of one of our contemporary commissions, you will have doors that are hung properly within a frame, using a recessed butt hinge. Whilst this might sound old fashioned, the old ways are often best and are only dropped by those manufacturers seeking to cut costs and speed up the manufacturing process. For example our recessed butt hinges are chopped into the door, to give our extra thick doors full support. The hinge will also allow the door to open a full 180 degrees giving you unimpeded access to the cabinet’s interior. These wonderful qualities have been lost with the modern internal hinge which, in time, will cause the door to drop.

It’s a similar story with our drawers too. We create solid timber, dovetailed drawer boxes, to suit the size of each cabinet. Strong, durable and fit for generations of use, they are then mounted onto soft close drawer runners allowing the drawer box to glide to a close at the push of a finger. Alternatively you could have a flimsy mass produced, ‘one size fits all’ plastic and metal drawer box? I don’t know about you, but I certainly know which one I would prefer!

Just because you have a taste for contemporary design, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality and you should be treated as an individual and not just another ‘one size and style suits all’ consumer.

Welcome to our world of ‘Contemporary Design’ with traditional British craftsmanship.