Case Study - Gary and Patience Hafferden’s Luxury Bespoke Knightsbridge Kitchen

The Hafferdens Believe in Broadway

Looking back, Gary and Patience Hefferden had long sought a bespoke kitchen designer, manufacturer and craftsman who shared the same family values as themselves. Luckily, through word-of-mouth feedback passed on by some of their previous customers, they looked into Broadway Kitchens and found exactly what they were looking for.

Customer testimonials and case studies highlighted Broadway’s 40 years of experience in the industry and stunning installations. What’s more, their status as a third-generation family business held them in good stead in the eyes of the Hafferdens.

Similarly to the Hafferdens, Broadway Kitchens has always subscribed to the philosophy that the idea of ‘home’ is one which is embodied by the people who make up your friends and your family, but there is also a necessity to establish your roots and a place for you and your future family to congregate. And what better place to do that than the kitchen.

On finally getting in touch with Broadway Kitchens, the Hafferdens said:

“We had seen so many kitchen companies before Broadway. However, when Sunny and his dad came, we were impressed with their knowledge and that they were able to manufacture the type of kitchen we were looking for.”

Along with that knowledge and expertise, the father and son partnership of Satt and Sunny spoke volumes to the Hafferdens who were quickly convinced that Broadway was the company for them.

The couple had spent a long time reviewing the range of luxurious Knightsbridge kitchens that Broadway had installed for previous customers and decided that this was the hand-painted kitchen for them. With a few individual alterations, of course, the dedicated team of designers and master craftsmen were more than happy to oblige them.

The parallel rows of cornice couplings are incredibly effective in giving the room a grandiose feel, highlighting the intricate level of handmade detail that has gone into the ceiling. In fact, the illusion created looks like a staggered ceiling of sorts, which accentuates the height of the room for that much-sought-after WOW factor.

The minutely detailed beading which surrounds the ceiling coving provides an excellent example of the high-end opulence that Broadway can bring to your kitchen and is sure to impress visitors time and time again. More impressive still are the vertical columns with handcrafted corbels which punctuate the perimeter of the kitchen as they lift the ceiling of the kitchen and conjure up some of the images of grandeur often associated with Ancient Rome.

The Hafferden’s adjacent entertainment suite is now seamlessly integrated into the kitchen as the two spaces flow into each other. This feature helps to double down on keeping the family together, whether they’re cooking dinner or enjoying the television. The stunning speckled granite worktop runs back and forth between the two rooms to pull them together as one. The worktop’s individual smoothed out corners are surprisingly subtle, as they seemingly spread themselves out into the centre of the room.

Another opportunity to show some appreciation for the family comes in the shape of the spacious display cabinets which flank some always-appreciated shelf space. Family photographs and sentimental heirlooms take pride of place here along with the precious memories that are associated with them.

There’s also plenty of practical storage to make sure the kitchen is as logistically sound as you need it to be. Cupboards and drawers are situated both at head and knee height to enable you to have the ingredients or equipment you need all within an arm’s reach. Especially important when you’re dishing up the dinner. Each cupboard is adorned with simple yet stylish crystal effect door handles for that subtle show of sumptuousness.

Not forgetting to look after your feet, lush and luxurious mini rugs are strategically positioned in the places which you’ll spend the most time standing: the sink and the main work surface. The contrast with the clean, simple lines of the large smooth floor tiles is effective and ever-so inviting. Add to that the huge amount of natural light which comes flooding into the kitchen through the double set of windows and you can see why the ceiling spotlights seem minimal in number.

A bespoke kitchen designed just for you and your family

A handy toaster shelf provides a practical place for that often-awkward everyday appliance. It’s such a simple space-saver, you’ll wonder why no one else has thought of it. Speaking of oft-awkward appliances, the American style fridge freezer is housed neatly between vertical columns, therefore feeling like a focus of the room, without ever giving the feeling that it’s taking over.

The large central space in the kitchen provides space for work and play to peacefully coexist, as well as the option to add more furniture if your family grows and your needs change. The eye-catching black range cooker provides a contrast with the white cupboard frontages, whilst those marble effect worktops continue to flow around the kitchen and up into the hob’s backsplash. This contrast heightens the kitchen’s sense of scale, pulling the gaze up and towards yet another highly personal and individual addition to the kitchen: the hearth and extraction cover which is intricately etched by hand with the family home’s name.

Looking back over their Broadway experience and upon finally being able to enjoy their dream kitchen, the Hafferdens had nothing but praise for the process:

Now that the job has been completed, I can whole-heartedly recommend Broadway Kitchens. The whole process from start to finish was done in exactly the manner in which they described to us.

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