Free tips on buying a new kitchen

5th December 2018
new kitchen - bespoke in-frame beaded shaker kitchen

Not all bespoke kitchen designers are the same

There are many, many kitchen designers to choose from. As you may be aware that the skill sets of these kitchen designers vary considerably. However, there are far fewer luxury bespoke kitchen designers. Broadway Kitchens are proud to say that we are one of the few. We work for the benefit of our customers.

20th September 2015

Creating a Luxury Bespoke Kitchen

In creating a quality bespoke kitchen from concept to completion the journey should be achieved in the same way as any other journey: with ease and one step at a time. Many people, particularly in older housing, find that the space allocated for a kitchen in bygone years is totally insufficient for today’s needs so the initial thoughts, around creating a luxury fitted kitchen for modern-day use, revolve around extending the property. This is an excellent time to involve a kitchen designer.
31st March 2014

Are handmade kitchens better than volume-produced kitchens ?

The simple answer is not necessarily. Some of the current mass-produced kitchens are of sufficient quality to last many years, maybe even a decade before wear and tear begins to show. So-called flat-pack kitchens no longer carry the badge of poor quality, although, like everything there are exceptions.
29th January 2014

Kitchen Trends should carry a Health Warning

Many people who buy kitchens which are primarily ‘trendy’ may very quickly find themselves a victim of the last kitchen fad. At the bottom of this article are photographs of kitchens which were, until recently, very trendy.