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Free tips on buying a new kitchen

10th December 2013

How to Style your Kitchen to suit the Period of your Home

Kitchens have developed over the years from a small room tucked away where the lady of the house prepared dinner, to become the most important room in the home; one where the whole family congregate and socialise, where the children play and where parents can entertain friends or sit and relax in an evening.
18th September 2013

Getting the best for less when buying a luxury fitted kitchen

There are countless ways to ensure that you get the best return from your investment when buying a fitted kitchen, some obvious, some less so. When you enter a kitchen showroom one of the first things that will probably greet you is a salesperson so don’t forget that you’d be paying for that person’s wages. If you can deal direct with the manufacturer and designer then you’re potentially cutting out the cost of sales personnel and possibly that of expensive brand marketing undertaken by chains of retail outlets and DIY sheds. You may also be paying for showrooms that don’t pay their own way !
4th September 2013
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A Luxury Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

No longer is the kitchen a basic room just for cooking it’s now a room in which to cook, eat, drink, entertain, socialise and hold family gatherings often with integrated TV and sound-system, mood-setting lighting and furniture, tables, seating and even sofas on which to relax.
6th March 2013

Don’t Forget to Add Colour in the Kitchen

Long gone are the days when the only colour options in the kitchen were white or natural wood. Whilst both are classics and are still very popular today, the selection of colours now available is endless. If you are looking to revitalise your kitchen with a more colourful design, Broadway kitchens offers the following top tips:
26th February 2013

Recession Bites Kitchens

As the recession bites, kitchen companies are falling like flies. This may sound alarmist but it’s an unfortunate fact. Only just a couple of years ago we saw some famous luxury high-end kitchen brands fall into the hands of liquidators.
9th July 2012

How to Find the Right Kitchen Company

With so many kitchen companies, so much choice of styles and finishes, and so many 'apparently' good discounts - how do you decide who to buy from? This is a really important question. Research, and take your time pondering, to decide what it is that you want from your new kitchen and indeed from the kitchen company you commission to design, build and install your new kitchen.