Kitchen Trends should carry a Health Warning
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22nd January 2014
How To Avoid Your Dream Kitchen Becoming a Nightmare Reality!
16th February 2014
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Kitchen Trends should carry a Health Warning

Many people who buy kitchens which are primarily ‘trendy’ may very quickly find themselves a victim of the last kitchen fad.

At the bottom of this article are photographs of kitchens which were, until recently, very trendy.

In fact many millions were sold across the UK through the ‘big sheds’, multiple outlets and kitchen companies trading on the concept of ‘bespoke’ kitchens.

You may ask: why a health warning ?

The answer is simply that as luxury kitchens are a high-ticket-price item anything in the category of ‘trendy’ that is quickly no longer flavour of the month will have cost the purchaser dearly. Not only does this hurt the pocket but it also hurts pride and causes mental anguish, consequently it is damaging to health.

After all, not all customers have a bulging bank balance, many have saved hard-earned money over many years or are prepared to commit themselves to paying for a new kitchen over a lengthy period.

So, what is the solution ?

In my previous article ‘How to avoid your new kitchen soon becoming outdated’ I documented my thoughts on preventing yourself from becoming a victim of fashion, so why am I writing his additional article ?

I am continually and increasingly visiting potential customers to measure for fitted bedrooms, studies and bathrooms then the home owners ask if there is anything that can be done to update their kitchen “without too much expense”.

As a genuine manufacturer there is no limitation on what Broadway can do to update or supplement an existing kitchen but I do so wish those customers had originally received better advice to enable them to make a more-informed decision. This is one of the major reasons why I work with my customers to design kitchens which are exclusive and different, to suit their lifestyle and taste, but not just ‘trendy’ for the sake of being momentarily fashionable.

Is it safe then, you may ask yourself, to go for a period kitchen reminiscent of a much earlier era ? The answer is “Yes”, traditional handmade kitchens which faithfully re-create the feel of a Victorian, Edwardian, Regency or Georgian kitchen will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Such kitchen designs and styles are almost ageless and an informed designer can easily incorporate all the requirements and gadgetry of modern living.

That is where I relish the prospect of making your dreams come true by adding the magic touch of Broadway to inject the unique creativity which makes each kitchen exclusive and different.

If you think along the same lines as me and would like a truly bespoke kitchen that isn’t ‘run-of-the-mill’, comes at a sensible price yet will give you good service and pleasure for decades then I’d be pleased to chat – my advice is free !