Why Your Dream Kitchen Is More Important Than Your Car
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7th May 2012
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9th July 2012
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Why Your Dream Kitchen Is More Important Than Your Car

Let’s be honest. The kitchen is the heart of the home. You bring up families there. You eat there. You entertain there. You party there. So when it comes to choosing a kitchen, how much time, effort – and money, should you be investing?

“A kitchen is for life”, says Satt Sembhy, CEO of Broadway Kitchens. “Unlike a car, which you might change every few years, your kitchen is there every day at the centre of your life.” You can see what he means. The smell of delicious foods, mouthwatering baking and ground coffee is just part of what makes a kitchen more important than a car. A car is just functional whereas a kitchen has a life, a soul – a heartbeat.

“Families grow up in a great kitchen and never forget it is a haven of comfort when they are children”, added Satt. “People spend quality time with their loved ones in a kitchen and great memories are created over meal times and celebrations. Some of the best moments in life can happen in a kitchen.”

A kitchen is for generations, for all the family and for friends. It is something that has amazing memories, it brings passions to life and stirs a hunger. It’s family time. And that, after all, is what life is all about.