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Our advice, tips, guides and news all about kitchens and other room set furniture. Kitchen buying guides, styling, colour and kitchen periods. We have written these important kitchen articles for the benefit of potential customers. They are hopefully not biased towards Broadway but towards ‘best practice’ standards. We hope you find value in these articles on bespoke kitchens and end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

20th November 2014

Bespoke Concrete Kitchens

We’ve seen an interest in “concrete kitchens” recently and so thought it important to point out that Broadway also designs and produces concrete kitchens
28th September 2014

How Important is Symmetry in Traditional and Modern kitchens?

If symmetry was the most critical factor of kitchen design then you would expect all wall cupboards and base cupboards to be 600mm wide so that all the breaks between the doors match vertically and symmetry is maintained. Wall cupboards and base cupboards would all be 720mm tall to balance the area above the worktop with that below. This would include your tall oven / microwave housing, fridge, freezer, sink base and dishwasher.
19th September 2014

Questions to ask when choosing Kitchen Cabinets / Carcases

Sometimes there are questions that can unwittingly go unanswered when you sit down with a kitchen designer to discuss the layout you want to see in your home.
27th May 2014

Not All Kitchen Design Services Are The Same

Whether you a looking for a modern kitchen, a traditional bespoke kitchen or a hand painted kitchen you can end up being disappointed if the end product does not live up to your expectations
24th April 2014

Resurgence in Painted Kitchens

It is fair to say that most styles, whether they be in clothing or colours, tend to reappear every 30 years so it is no surprise to discover the same resurgence in classic hand painted kitchens. Each re-appearance of a colour palette usually heralds a modern twist in thinking so the muted pastel colours and hues of the earth, air and sky first seen in Edwardian painted kitchens of 1910 were brighter when they resurfaced in the 1940s, yellower in the 1970s and more true to their original Edwardian shades now.
10th April 2014

Recreating the style of Victorian Kitchens

No longer do Victorian kitchens manufactured and installed today comprise purely a sink, cooker, draining board and cup-boards; they are a multi-functional focus of activity in the home.
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