Don't Pay a LARGE DEPOSIT for your Luxury Kitchen!
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2nd February 2015
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14th July 2015
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Large Deposits NOT required!

Don’t Pay a LARGE DEPOSIT for your Luxury Kitchen!

It always amazes us when we hear our customers say they were asked to pay a large deposit by a competitor for luxury and bespoke kitchens – 25% to 50% deposits are not unusual.

So Why Don’t Luxury Kitchen Companies Trust You?

In our opinion, there is no reason why a luxury kitchen manufacturer shouldn’t trust you; in fact two things occur to us. Firstly, it should be the customer that has a need to tread financially very carefully with the kitchen company and not the other way round, since quite often, they don’t know how healthy a companys’ finances are. Secondly, why pay a large deposit before having seen the actual kitchen being made? You wouldn’t pay 25 to 50% for a house or car before you had seen it, so why should it be any different with your kitchen?

If a luxury kitchen company, no matter how revered their brand, is insistent upon you paying a large deposit (example 25%) before so much as a piece of timber has been bought or cut, walk away. We don’t believe you have a desire to act as a ‘bank’ for a kitchen manufacturer!

How is Broadway Kitchens Different?

We ask for only a 10% deposit, which we feel is entirely reasonable; and we don’t believe that you should pay any more until you have inspected your completed kitchen in our workshops and are fully satisfied with it.