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11th January 2015
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2nd February 2015
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You Will Love Our Curved Kitchens

We all love curves in the design of our furniture. Curves add grace, visual interest and help to soften the often linear lines of a bespoke kitchen design. Besides their aesthetic qualities, curves serve very real functions too.

For example, a concave kitchen cabinet design to a hob area provides more space in which to stand enabling people to pass behind more easily and a bow-fronted kitchen pantry cupboard provides additional internal space, besides adding a little visual excitement to what would otherwise be a flat wall of cabinetry.

The truth of the matter is that many bespoke kitchen design and manufacturing companies hate incorporating curves into their designs for two reasons. First of all, it takes, on average, 4 x longer to manufacture a curved kitchen door compared to a flat door. Secondly, the production technique, which usually involves steaming the timber, often sees the door fail with time with the timbers desire to return to its natural flat state. There is nothing more disappointing than twisted, warped doors to spoil the look of your kitchen!

We Love Curves

However, at Broadway Kitchens we love curves! Why? Recognising the beauty, the usefulness and popularity of curved kitchen doors (and drawer fronts), we thought it was high time that we perfected our kitchen manufacturing process to offer market leading levels of quality and stability as well as manufacturing ease, regardless of timber, finish, door design and size. That’s what manufactured bespoke kitchens are really about.

Curved Kitchen Door Manufacture Perfected

How did we do it? Well without giving too much away, our curved kitchen doors are not steam bent. Instead, we use solid pieces of timber, cross laminated using specially developed glue. The external edges of the door, where the lamination is visible, are then carefully veneered by our master craftsmen, to give a wonderfully smooth, seamless finish.

Perfecting the manufacture of curved doors, drawer fronts and accessories has added further to Broadway Kitchens bespoke design and manufacturing flexibility. So rest assured, if your Broadway Kitchen features curved cabinetry, you can be certain that it’s going to look as good in years to come as the day it was fitted; as you would expect from any Broadway Kitchens commission.