Bespoke Concrete Kitchens
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28th September 2014
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Bespoke Concrete Kitchens

We’ve seen renewed interest in “concrete kitchens” recently and so thought it important to point out that Broadway also designs concrete kitchen worktops, sinks, splashbacks and cabinets in a wide variety of styles, shades and finishes.

Most people would prefer a unique kitchen to suit their individual taste and lifestyle, maybe featuring marble or granite worktops, yet few envisage concrete kitchens as an obvious choice.

Yet concrete has been a recognised durable material of beauty since the Egyptians used it for the pyramids 5,000 years ago, the Romans sculpted it for the Colosseum 2,500 year ago and the Americans for houses built in 1908 so it’s stood the test of time.

It is 35 years since concrete made its debut as a kitchen worktop and has been gaining popularity ever since. Many people are unaware that modern dyes used in concrete kitchens can create vibrant colours and dramatic visual effects.

Polished concrete in any shape, thickness or colour can provide a glass-like surface to enhance kitchen worktops, floors, splashbacks, sinks, plinths, cupboard surrounds, mantles and even cupboard doors as a viable and attractive option to more conventional finishes.

Patterns, stripes, shades, colours and marbling effects on the surfaces of concrete kitchens portray an almost timeless air of solidity and permanence whilst meeting hygiene standards required from a kitchen.

Structural strength is the most obvious attribute of concrete but used practically and aesthetically in a luxury bespoke kitchen it will grace the space.

Broadway is again ahead of the game with a vast array of concrete kitchen possibilities and we offer our customers a unique and unparalleled choice of kitchen styles.